Bringing the World Home

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Now that we’re living back in American and our children have begun elementary school, travel is more restricted.  So I am always looking for new ways to keep my kids learning about other cultures and excited to go to other countries.  I came across Little Passports, A Global Adventure that looked just like what I needed.

Little Passports is a monthly subscription of educational kits featuring different countries around the world as well as a U.S. version that highlights a different state in America each month.  The three different product types are called Early Explorers (ages 3-5 years old), World Edition (ages 6-10) and the U.S. Edition (recommended for ages 7-12 years old).  Your first mailing is a starter kit, that includes a little suitcase, a world map, an interactive passport, an activity sheet, stickers, a postcard and the first letter from “Sam and Sofia” explaining the start of their global adventure.  Each month, after that you receive a package in the mail that includes another pen pal letter from fictional characters, Sam and Sofia, telling your kids a little about what they have experienced in that month’s country.  It also includes a souvenir from that country and an activity booklet with craft ideas, recipes or games.  The kids also get stickers to place on their suitcase, in their passport and “push pin” for the world map.  One final thing was the “boarding pass” tags that include a code for you to enter online to access games and trivia about your country of the month.

The kids were so excited to open their World Edition starter kit from Little Passports!

The kids were so excited to open their World Edition starter kit from Little Passports!

Because of my blog, they offered to send me the starter kit and the first two countries (Brazil and Japan) in their monthly subscription pack if I would write some reviews on how we used them in preparation for, during, and after our trip to Japan.  I was excited to try them out with the kids!  My 7 year old was the most interested since he could actually read and complete the games and puzzles.  But even my 5 year old was curious about the online games, the souvenir included and the global trivia. Overall, my kids love getting things in the mail and the kits are a great jumping off point to getting your kids interested in more than just maps and geography.  I’ll be highlighting the package for Japan in my next blog post.

Little Passports' World Edition starter kit contents.

Little Passports’ World Edition starter kit contents.

If you’d like to check out more about Little Passports or even give them a try, just click here!  You can dive right in with a pre-paid one year or six month subscription or choose to try it out month to month.  The first 3 kits have been such a hit in our house that I decided to join their affiliate program to share these products with my friends and readers.  Full Disclosure: as an affiliate, I will get a small commission from any purchases my readers make by using the affiliate links within my posts.

I hope your kids enjoy them as much as mine have!  And to start it off, their summer promotion is going on right now, but there are only 2 days left for the 15% off.  Just go to the Little Passports website and enter the promo code “SUMMER15” at check out, by June 16, 2015, for your discount.  For my readers outside of the U.S. they do ship regularly to some countries and can arrange for shipping to others by contacting their customer service department.

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